An Intern’s Life (As Told by Spongebob)

When I hear my alarm go off at the crack of dawn:


Inhaling my Starbucks coffee and muffin:



Me on the first day of work:



Eating lunch alone on the first day:



When I finally make friends with the other interns and decide to go out on a work night:



Coming into work the next day like … :



How it feels when I fuck up:


Also how it feels when I don’t fuck up and my boss says “good job” :


When I get home from work and all I have the energy to do is eat and sleep:


On the last day of your internship when you realize you’re actually sad that you have to leave the all people you’ve been working with all summer:



One comment

  1. The Dragonfly · August 2

    I love this haha

    Liked by 1 person

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