Holiday Fun in NYC

The winter holidays are for traditions (new and old) and spending time with your closest friends and family! For the past 2 years, I have made it a personal tradition to visit my oldest sister before the holidays to partake in all the festive activities that NYC has to offer. This year I was lucky enough to have my BFF and roommate, Andrea, join me for all the Christmas awesomeness.

First, we arrived in grand central and met up with our good friend Mark. From there we made our first stop of the day: THE BRRRRRYANT PARK HOLIDAY MARKET!!!



After visiting the market, where we tried out some of the yummy food and bought a few bits and bobs, we made our way to SoHo to do some window shopping exploration!



After looking around in stores like Kith, Topshop and Zara, we made a reservation at Quality Meats and jumped on the subway!



Andrea and I ordered the Filet Mignon special (IT WAS AWESOME) and split some oysters and crispy potatoes as an appetizer. I would definitely recommend Quality Meats to a friend! It was the perfect place for a friendly get together or an intimate night out. With bellies full, we strolled to the Rockefeller building to see the tree and explore the NBC store.



I’m so lucky to have such great friends in my life. In my opinion, Christmas time is about showing love, acceptance and generosity to others. Spend time with your loved ones, help those in need and reach out to a long lost friend or bring a new person into your life. No matter what holiday you celebrate at this time of year, I want to send out my blessings and love to all!


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