Surviving the Plague (Giphy Style)


Every year, as the cold starts to settle into happy valley, freshman and senior alike begin to cough and sneeze. Those coughs and sneezes turn into body aches, chills and fevers. Before you know it, the entire Penn State student population comes down with what we all know as THE PLAGUE.

My mom likes to refer to Penn State’s campus as a petri dish and in some senses, she’s exactly right. It’s near impossible to avoid catching the plague for multiple reasons, but here’s just a few:

  • UHS doctors and physicians tend to avoid prescribing antibiotics and issuing class excuses, which extends the sickness period of students who are already infected, and spreads the plague to other students in their classes.
  • FOMO is real so it’s not uncommon for sick people to go out to parties where they share drinks and what not, spreading their germs to their friends and other party goers.
  • There are over 40,500 students at Penn State UP who are all concentrated into a relatively small campus. Disease spreads like a wild fire.


Since it’s near impossible to avoid this plague, here’s how you can attempt to survive it:


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Vitamin C! Vitamin C! Vitamin C!

Whether you take a supplement or get it from citrus fruits and orange juice, keep you vitamin C levels high so that your immune system stands a chance against the plague.



Wash your hands after every class

Just because you’re already sick doesn’t mean you can’t catch something else or get someone else sick.



Take a nap (treat yo self)

There’s never a better excuse to take a nap than being sick. Rest is the best medicine! Go ahead and be a blanket burrito.



Don’t hook up at parties

Do whatever you want when you’re not sick, but if you have the plague, try to refrain from thotting it up, homie hopping, finessing on these hoes, etc…



Over the counter meds!

You should have  solid supply of cough drops, Dayquil and Nyquil as well as a nasal decongestant and cough syrup.


Natural Remedies

I’m a firm believer in Throat Coat tea which can be bought at most grocery stores. I’m also a fan of Echinacea which can help shorten the length of the plague by strengthening your immune system.



When you start feeling better, clean your home

You don’t want to continue to sleep on your germy sheets or continue to touch surfaces that could make you sick again. Take a few minutes to disinfect your dorm or apartment.



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