A City Summer

New York City.

The city where dreams come true – or in my case, where dreams become realized.

This summer has awakened me emotionally, culturally and spiritually. I realized that I unfortunately have no idea what kind of crazy path this universe might take me on and that the only right way to live is to enjoy every single small step along the way.

It all started in May when I journeyed to the city for an interview at Allure Marketing which ended up being a disaster (Read about it here) . Shortly after, a series of events led me to a job at The Wedding Salon, and eventually to a full-time paid internship at the Robin Hood Foundation. What started as a weekend trip to NYC for one job interview resulted in a summer-long ordeal that led to new friendships and experiences I never dreamed I’d have.

I drank a Manhattan while flirting with a devilishly handsome civil engineer from Cyprus at a chic rooftop bar in the Meatpacking District. A friend and I walked through MoMa and commented on the abstract modern art. I went thrift shopping in Brooklyn like a real hipster. And I went to a gay bar and a penthouse apartment party all in the same night.  I will never EVER forget these memories and the people who made them special.

I don’t know if I’ll end up living here some day, but I do know that this city hasn’t seen the last of me.

Now enjoy my top 5 favorite summer memories!

A day at MoMa


Max Brenner chocolate feast with my best friend.



A visit from family for the 4th of July


My first Yankee game!


A night out at Le Bain, a rooftop bar and lounge.


My first time at a gay bar with some of the best people you’ll ever meet.



The final supper … or should I say brunch … at The Smith

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