All the Small Things that Today's Kids will Never Know

Growing up in the early 2000’s with three older sisters who instilled in me the values of the 90s was a magical experience. I can’t imagine a childhood without these insanely awesome experiences that kids these days will never have the pleasure of knowing. Warning: Content may evoke extreme feelings of nostalgia.

Feeling so cool when your family finally got a DVD player



AOL Instant Messenger was your main method of communication



TRL, Room Raiders and other MTV classics were your go-to after school shows


Webkinz and Neopets care was a seriously important part of the day


A CD Collection to be proud of



Myspace was the only “social media” you had


Actually calling your friends on the phone


Yoyos were the original fidget spinner


Hey Arnold was your favorite cartoon



All That made you laugh so hard that you’d spit out your pizza bagels.


Being horrifyingly awkward but owning it

1910062_101492473197674_5296777_n(throwback to middle school with Shelby )

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