Style Hacks for the Fab Wedding Guest

Tis the season for weddings and that means it’s also the season to stock up on your party heels and cocktail dresses! I recently attended a beautiful black tie optional wedding in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and also started a summer internship with an amazing luxury bridal trade show company called the Wedding Salon located in Manhattan.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of my top style hacks for wedding goers this wedding season.


Get a spray tan two days before the event

Having a beautiful tan can take your wedding look to the next level. Instead of laying in the sun or a tanning bed which will make you look like a raisin before you even turn 30, try going to your tanning salon for a spray tan. Make sure you shave and exfoliate beforehand and don’t put on any lotions or makeup. For the wedding I attended, I got a Mystic Tan in the shade medium. I have been spray tanning in Mystic Tan machines for years and have never turned orange.


Select a hair and makeup style ahead of time

Whether you are getting your hair and makeup done by a professional or just doing it yourself, make sure you decide on the styles before the day of the wedding. If you are having your hair and makeup done, having pictures and a desired look is the key to making sure you get what you pay for. If you are doing your own, it is also important because it will give you a chance to practice and buy any additional beauty products you might need.


Buy a dress that you feel confident and comfortable in

The dress is the center of your entire look so you want to be sure you can be comfortable in it while dancing and partying the night away. Don’t get something that’s too tight or difficult to move in because if you don’t feel good in your dress, it will show. Confidence is the best accessory. Also, as a side note, DO NOT wear a white dress to a wedding under ANY circumstance. At the wedding I recently attended, there was a girl in her 20’s wearing an all-white club dress and white shoes and I damn-near attempted to throw a paper bag over her body. That is DISRESPECTFUL.


Bring a small clutch that coordinates with your look

You never know who you might meet or what might happen at a wedding. If you’re like me, you are definitely going to need a tampon, a few Advil, mints, and some lipstick. A small clutch is the perfect size for these needs. No wants to have stinky breath or flaky fading lipstick while they’re dancing with that sexy family friend who you somehow never met before. If you don’t make it back to your room (wink wink) you might thank me for the Advil tip.


Wear a chunky pair of heels

As a woman of 5 feet and 2 inches, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing flats to a formal event. My advice to you is to wear a nice chunky heeled sandal to the wedding so that you still get the slimming effects of wearing heels without the pain of trying to walk in a stiletto. Lucky for us, the chunky heel is HUGE right now. Here are few examples of a good wedding heel:

Lulus Gold Lace Ups

Steve Madden Carrson Blush Satin Open Toe Heels

Tobi Black Ankle Strap Heels


Break out your dance moves

My last piece of advice is to have fun and help make the event a success for the bride and groom. I don’t care if you’re the worst dancer in the world! Have a drink or two … or five and go bop around on the dance floor. Make sure you dance with the bride and tell her how glad you are to have been a part of her special day.




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